Thursday, November 26, 2009

November 26

Jeremy had kind of an exciting morning today. The morning (after breakfast) started out with the smell of hot wire or something. They shut the door and told us to leave if we saw smoke. We never did see smoke. The staff was running around trying to make sure everything was under control and safe, that the backup generator worked for people who needed it. We were safe!! I guess a squirrel hit a wire in the attic and zapped a transformer. The fire department was out and the power company and they had everything under control by 11 am. Jeremy was never in any danger. He had wanted to lay down for a while but I told him I thought it was a good idea to stay in his wheelchair till things they were sure we didn't have to make a mad dash.

Yesterday a rep from St Al's rehab unit came over to see Jeremy again. They like to keep an eye on him so will know if he is ready to return to a more intense rehab unit. She asked if there was anything they could do to help. She though that the doctor had been over to see him and when I told her he had canceled they appointment last week, she said she would make sure he was over soon to see Jeremy. We also asked if Jeremy could be tested cognitively again. She said she would arrange that also. I don't know what that involves but we will find out.

Jeremy's memory is a funny thing. He remembers people and yet he would remember the card he read 10 minutes ago. I'm sure that is very normal and we just go with whatever. Yesterday something was said about the motorcycle accident and he looked at me and ask why I hadn't told him about it. Like I hadn't told him a hundred times.

Thank you for you prayers. They really help!

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