Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 27

I was able to be with Jeremy for his occupational therapy today. They put that impulse thing on his right shoulder and upper arm again. While that is on for about 20 minutes she played another card game with him. He wanted to learn a new one today so she played "garbage". You put 10 cards out in front of each of you. you start by drawing and if you draw a 3 you put it in the third spot, then you pick up the card that was turned face down in that spot and put it where it belongs. if its a 10 you put it in the 10th spot. If you draw something you already have it goes in the garbage pile. The object is to get all 10 cards turned over.
Anyway it is nice to see Jeremy being more independent. Getting better at picking up the cards by himself, picking up his arm enough to not disrupt the cards in front of him, and figuring out which spot the card goes. He is pretty good. At the end of therapy he was winning! I took over her hand so she could stretch that right arm after the 20 minutes.
It is a slow process, loosening that right arm but we work on it all the time. I tell anyone who comes to see him - hold his hand and work it. Trying to get that right wrist to move itself will be a great day! He moves the elbow pretty good now, its work for him but he can do it. Next the wrist than the shoulder.
Thank you for your prayers.

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