Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30

Jeremy is such a funny kid. Today in physical therapy they were working on sitting up by himself. He did great. Finding that center of gravity is another one of those things we take for granted. I'm not sure how much they have worked on sitting on the edge something by himself but he was doing pretty good leaning forward with his head down. They brought a mirror and set it in front of him. he would find that center then he would look at himself and pick up his head, sitting up straighter and fall back and smile. He was pretty proud of himself. He is doing more and more every day. He is getting better at turning from his side to his back and moving his legs more and more. He wants to lay on his stomach more now but with his right arm so tight still it makes it hard. He is getting closer to being able to do that, he's getting more flexible.

Jeremy usually doesn't eat all his dinner. He gets a pain in is backside and then cant think about anything else so we usually take him back to his room and lay him down. Tonight they helped Jeremy get ready for bed and then always ask if he wants a snack. Tonight he ate a sandwich, 2 snack bags of cookies, ice cream!, applesauce and he hadn't stopped last I heard. They weigh him every Wednesday. It will be interesting to see how he does this week.

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