Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2

Jeremy had a pretty good day today. They tried some new things in therapy today. I don't know how thrilled Jeremy was with it all - it was a lot of work.
They tried the side board transfer - there is a board between the wheelchair and the bed or sofa or whatever you want to transfer to. Jeremy has to slide on the board to get from one place to the other. Right now he needs total assistance (someone shifting his hips for him, but we are hoping he will get better at this so 1 person can assist him. The goal is we could do this at home. Right now he has a Hoyer lift that does the all the work. We will keep working on this.
They also sat him by a pole and introduced him to the concept of using a pole to help himself up. He was very tired by this time and was less than excited about it.
They also working on sitting up by himself again. They said yesterday he did 15 second all by himself. Again he has to build up all those muscles we take for granted.

Jeremy went to visit the doctor today. This was the "rehab" doctor he had when he was at St Al's. He is continuing to see Jeremy for when he returns to rehab. He was very pleased with Jeremy's progress. At one point Jeremy handed me his glasses and said "Thank you mom" for taking them. The doctor looked up from his paper with a big grin on his face. Jeremy's speech has progressed a lot since the doctor saw him last and I think he was surprised by his cognition. He said to Jeremy "you know exactly whats going on don't you." Jeremy smiled and shook his head "yes" He adjusted some of Jeremy's medications. Stopped a couple of the meds and made some suggestions as far a other thinks involving his care. He would like to see Jeremy in another month and talk about when Jeremy might go back to Elks or St. Al's rehab program. At least that is the goal. We agreed that having a goal was good!!

This is a special time of the year - a time of hope and healing. Please continue to pray about this in the coming month. Thank you!!!!!

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