Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4

Today was a beautiful day in Boise so this afternoon we went for a little walk outside. When we got outside Jeremy was very specific in which direction he wanted to go. If I turned the wrong way he would tell me to turn around or go left, whatever. There were 2 buses, one on each end of the parking lot. Jeremy wanted to check them out. I'm thinking he wanted to go for a ride. When we got closer to the second bus Jeremy started to slide out of his wheelchair so we had to make a fast trip back before he slid all the way out. Jeremy thought that was pretty funny.

About a hour before dinner tonight Jeremy said he wanted to go back to his room and when we did he still said NO he wanted to go to "HIS" room. I asked him where that was and he directed me clear to the other end of the hall. He was so adamant about it I took him back to the room and he did the same thing all over again. After about 1/2 hour of this I got worried and talked to the nurse about it. He nurse thought Jeremy might be coming down with something (infection) and that was the reason he was so confused or disoriented. They will do some tests to see if they can catch it early if he is coming down with something.

He has had a lot of changes in the past week so it must be a little overwhelming at times. Changing hospitals, medications and then rooms and more med changes.

Thank you for your prayers!

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  1. I wonder if Jeremy is looking for HIS home, trying to connect with his life before the accident. Maybe he thought the bus could take him there. He may be confused about how HIS home, or bedroom at home, integrates with where he is now. I wonder how he would react if he could visit HIS home and see the familiar sights again.

    I have been following your posts daily. I am Greg Brooks' mother.


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