Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6

I read the comment from yesterdays blog and she was right on target. When I went to visit Jeremy after work today that is exactly what he was saying "I want to go HOME". When I told him we wanted that also, as soon a he got better. He told me he was better and he wanted to go home right now. If I told him we couldn't do it right now he would ask "Why?" I told him he needed to start eating better before we could take him home. He has to get rid of that feeding tube. I hope we can use this to motivated him to eat better.

I was talking to one of the nurses who was watching part of this exchange. She said he is "waking up" more. It just goes to show you the more we think we understand - the more we find out we don't. We thought he was "awake". But we are learning as we go along.

Our ultimate goal is to get Jeremy home. We are learning that we may need to make some changes to our home to accommodate some of Jeremy's needs. This process may take longer than we originally thought. It might take longer than we thought for Jeremy to get the upper body strength he need to get out of the wheelchair.

Thank you for your prayers!


  1. It is so great hear of the progress that Jeremy is experiencing. How wonderful!!! You guys are all in my prayers daily and even though I haven't been in touch much, I check every couple of days for his progress. Keep haning in there and being strong. God is carrying you! Jenny Fuchs

  2. Hey guys, Dusty here. I've been following Jer's progress since my dad told me about the blog. I'm so happy to hear how well he is doing compared to when i saw him at the hospital. This just goes to show how God works no matter if he doesn't do it all the time. When someone really needs his help he is there. I love you guys and you all are in my prayers!! stay strong Jer, Deanna and I are rooting for you.


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