Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6

Yesterday Jeremy had a lot of company which he always enjoys. Today was a pretty good day although I think he got a little bored. He was still on a "I want to go home" kick. I tried to explain that there is more progress he needs to make before he can come home for good. I can't fit him in my car today with the wheelchair, etc! (We will have to plan another day trip as soon as his brothers come home again.) If he couldn't go home he wanted to go to Linda's house (Aunt in California). I have no idea where that came from. We called her on the phone but that made it worse. To get his mind off that we looked for something to distract him.

We ended up going down to the "Bingo" game in the cafeteria and playing. They give you 2 large cards and chips to cover the numbers. I figured it would be good to see how fast Jeremy could find the numbers they called out. Some of the time I pointed them out and other times he would them right away. They were calling out the numbers pretty fast. It was fun and Jeremy got 2 BINGO's. It's time to get him involved with some of the activities at this place. They have quite a few.

Thank you for your continued prayers!!!!!

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