Friday, January 1, 2010

Earnest Prayer Needed

We're getting to the point where we think that Jeremy needs to go back to St. Al's or go to Elk's. He has a good attitude, and he's ready for a challenge. He has gotten great care where he is but his benefits have run out and we need to get him into a program that his insurance will cover. We believe that Elk's is going to be a better place for him than St. Al's at this point. However, we need you all to pray that it will be evident to us where we should push to send Jeremy. God has worked everything out for Jeremy's care so far even though we've been a bit disappointed a few times, but it has always been better for him.

Please pray that God will open doors to the right facility for Jeremy!


  1. Hope you get better man

  2. My prayers are with you all! Tough it out! Keep pushing. God knows what Jeremy needs!


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