Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Stephen and I went this morning to take the AM shift hanging out with Jeremy. We played some more Uno, did some memory exercises, and played with the dogs again.

Then this afternoon, Stephen and I ran some errands while Debi took over and the speech therapist did a memory test with Jeremy. She told us that she decided that it was about time for her to have some "numbers" to compare each time she gave him a test. Sounds like he didn't do the greatest, he's still having a hard time with his short term memory.

However, one light in the situation is that Jeremy remembered Kinley's (the puppy's) name from yesterday. It took a little prompting, we told him that it started with the letter K, but he did end up saying the right name. So maybe that's a good sign. We're wondering if things that mean a lot to him are easier for him to remember.

This evening after dinner and before bed, Jeremy started playing with his Nerf gun. He started by using Stephen as the target and then we moved to a target symbol Stephen drew on the mirror across from Jer's bed. He's actually very accurate with that gun! I was glad I wasn't in front of it! ;) We had a lot of fun and stayed later than we had planned, but eventually had to leave to let Jeremy calm down and get some sleep.

It was a good day.

Here's to a blessed new year for all of you and a great year of recovery for Jeremy!
I'll raise my glass to that!

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  1. Jeremy-
    I remember when we would go shooting with the other aviation students from WWC up in the Blue Mountains. Then playing cards with everyone late into the evenings. Sounds like you're still a pretty good shot! My thoughts are with you and your recovery. Keep up the hard work!
    Janet (Willis) Mulder


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