Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30

After not having seen Jeremy for over a month, Stephen and I got to spend the entire afternoon with him. We had a great time. We took our new 10-week-old puppy into see Jeremy and you should've seen his face light up. It was so fun to see the puppy crawling all over Jer and playing tug with him.

The physical therapy assistant spent some time in his room this afternoon doing electro-stimulus on his right leg and stretches with his left. Jeremy was more interested in talking with us than doing his PT so she gave him a bit of a break.

We had tons of fun playing quite a few hands of Uno just the three of us and then some Wii games. We learned that the "Price ISN'T Right" and we aren't "Smarter than a 5th grader". However, it was still fun trying to figure it out. Then this evening after Jeremy and the rest of us split up for dinner, we all played Uno together again, the whole family, well minus poor Eric... He had to work today. But Jeremy plays all by himself and it's so good to see him being so independent.

Thank you all for your prayers and notes of encouragement to Jeremy. He is doing so well and has much more mobility than last time we were here. Keep praying!



  1. Every day is so encouraging reading about Jeremy. Please tell him happy new year for me! I will be calling sometime in the near future :)


  2. We continue to pray with all the friends and give thanks in advance for Jeremy's complete recovery. There is nothing God cannot do!! Pam Murray


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