Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29

Jeremy had good day today. I was told that this morning, they got him up and put him in a regular chair. He has a wing backed chair in his room. They must have set him up in that for part of physical therapy. (wish I could have been there!) Little pieces of normal!!

This afternoon he went to the doctor for his Botox. OK maybe 8 shots in the arm in one day doesn't really constitute a good day but Jeremy didn't even flinch! I asked him if it hurt and he said yes but it was OK. We had explained that it would help the muscles relax so he could use that arm better and so he was OK with it. While he was waiting for the doctor he sat and read the newspaper out loud to me. The nurse came in and shook her head. She said "Jeremy you are a completely different person." He smiled and said yes. This nurse was at St. Al's the very first night Jeremy was brought to the Rehab unit. She was the same nurse he had just before he left St. Al's that cried because he was making such good progress! Now he is sitting there reading the newspaper out loud. Slow but out loud. Little pieces of normal!!! The Botox will take about a week or 2 to start working.

This evening Jeremy and I sat for over and hour playing UNO. He won some and I won others but we both really enjoyed it.

Thank you for everything - for your prayers, cards, support and encouragement!


  1. Yay Jeremy!! I'm still routing for you!! I still check this site everyday. Normal is coming don't worry! My life still isn't normal so it's a work in progress. Our lives are always going to be different from here on out. The accidents we had kinda changed our lives around. What we've each been going through is making us new people in our perspectives on life. Keep working that arm! You're working hard so just keep at it! My thoughts are with you!

  2. Awesome Jeremy!! It sounds like you are getting better and better everyday. I know it's hard work but it's worth it ;)--LaRhonda


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