Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 28

Jeremy is asking more and more when he will be able to go home (for good). He asked tonight "when will I get better". Tonight he said he was tired and wanted to go to bed. I took him to his room and he told me not this room - home. Tonight is Bingo night so I asked him if he wanted to go play Bingo. NO. I asked him if he wanted to go play some computer games. We went to the parlor to play computer games and he wanted to go home. I worked on him for about an hour thinking that he would forget and go play Bingo, play a computer game or go to bed. He was not so easily distracted - he wanted to go home. I told him he needed to talk to the doctor about that. He has a doctor appointment tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if he remembers to ask the doctor any questions.

They are taking him off more and more of his medications. I am encouraged each time they tell me they have taken him off another pill. They had him on Ritalin and they took him off that last week. They also had him on a pill that stimulated his appetite. OK he's off that one also.

Thank you for your prayers!!

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