Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26

Jeremy received some very thoughtful gifts for Christmas from some of you. "Thank you" very much from Jeremy's heart! And ours!

His friends and co-workers at the Army Corp of Engineers in Walla Walla sent him a "Cheer package" It had snacks, toys fit for fun, cooking magazines, and a photo album of the people he worked with. I can't tell you how much that meant to him (and those of us who are trying to help him with his memory!!!!!) It is great to be able to open that and connect things we want him to remember with faces. Now I want to gather pictures of other friends and do the same thing. We have pictures of family that have been on the wall. One of the therapist asked us to put in in an album just the other day. It not only helps with memories but works his hands in trying to turn the pages. We have put all the E-cards in binders for the same reason.

On Tuesday Jeremy has another doctor appointment. I think they plan to do more Botox in his right arm-shoulder-wrist?!? On January 6 he has a doctor appointment with the doctor that helps evaluate if he's "ready" to go back into the rehab program at St Al's or Elk again. Please join us in praying about this. God's timing! More of that PATIENCE stuff we have been learning about!

Thank you for your prayers!

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