Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11

Jeremy had a busy day today. We took him down to physical therapy after lunch and he did 15 minutes on the arm machine. Someone made the comment that Jeremy doesn't participate in the social activities that they have there, so we (I) decided it would be fun to go to the soap making class. And.....since Jeremy was board he went along with it. About 2 minutes after we arrived for the class physical therapy came to take him for therapy. They told him they would wait if he really wanted to go to the soap making class. He picked physical therapy. Oh well!

In physical therapy they decided to raise the table or mat as high as they could and stand him up. They stacked some smaller cushions on top of the mat so when he leaned over it would be about right to put his elbows on the mat. They helped him stand and - BIG stretch!!! Legs, ankles!! They were trying to get Jeremy to move from the right leg to the left leg - another step toward walking. They are still working at getting his feet flat on the floor. Jeremy really gives these ladies a workout! They work as hard as he does. They put the mirror in front of him so he could see himself. He was ouching one minute and smiling the next. Funny guy!

Before dinner we went back to Jeremy's favorite machine for a 15 minute session on his legs. He wanted to do his arm again but we talked him into doing his legs.

Today was the first day of "2 person assist" to get Jeremy in and out of bed. They put a belt around Jeremy's chest, tell him to lean over slightly (like we would do getting out of a chair). They take hold of his arm and the belt and tell him to stand. Then they try to get him to turn slightly so they can sit him in the right place in the wheelchair. They have been using the hoyer to get him into the wheelchair. The Nurses and CNA's are all VERY excited about this. Progress! I arrived today minutes after one of the 5 foot CNA's had helped transfer Jeremy. It would have been fun to watch. They say it's not hard because Jeremy does his share of the work.

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  1. That's so awesome Jeremy! Isn't standing weird after laying so long? Keep it up!


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