Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21

Good evening!! Sorry we missed a day. It's been a long week waiting to hear when Jeremy might be move to Elk's for more acute rehab. He's doing really well as they add some more tasks for him to do. For the most part, he is very happy and very accommodating to the staff of whatever they ask of him. We hope that the transfer to Elk's will be a good move, because we hear he will be pushed. And those who know Jeremy well, know how much he likes being pushed--not!! He's been pretty tired at night from all his activities during the day so we (I) have gotten home a little earlier at night lately. Should be a good weekend--a couple of his flying buddies from college (Walla Walla University) are coming to visit and he's looking forward to that. Have a peaceful Sabbath, and we'll talk again soon.

Debi and I are thankful every day for all your prayers and well wishes.


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  1. Hey would it be okay to come visit Jeremy again? I'm in Boise for the weekend.


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