Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24

Jeremy had quite a few visitors this weekend, college friends. Even though he was pretty tired at times, he enjoyed having them there. Last night they got out the foam dart gun again. They set up plastic cups in all sorts of forms to see if Jeremy could shoot it down. They would tell him to aim for a certain spot and, sure enough, he would hit it. He is better at that than any of them expected. They built some pyramids and he would knock them down. Jameson and Courtney (the friend, not the sister-in-law) drew pictures of each other and Jeremy aimed at them for a while. Beware! He is getting to be a pretty good shot! Pictures were taken so we will try and get them and get them posted.

Jeremy is remembering more every day. Jameson and Courtney put more pictures on Jeremy's digital picture frame. Pictures of friends! One of his friends got married this summer. Jeremy was happy to see the pictures of old memories and new things he missed. It all helps him put the puzzle pieces together. Thank you!!!!!

Prayer for this week - Elks. They said we'd know in 7-10 days - Monday is the 10th day.

I can't thank you enough for the love, support and prayers you have given on Jeremy's and our family's behalf.

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