Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25

A funny thing happened on the way to Jeremy's bed today!!!???

Back-up. The other day Jeremy was in one of his "I want to go home" moods. I told him he had to get permission from the doctor. His reply "The doctor is not the boss of me!" I told him there were some other things we wanted him to be able to do before he came home for good. One thing is I want him to learn to walk. He told me he already knew how to walk. Like when we tell him he has to move his lips in order for us to understand him. In his head he is moving his lip. "I am moving my lips!" Many people have told him you have to close your eyes and picture it - I guess he has done that.

Fast forward to this morning. About 9 am this morning - (we are guessing) that Jeremy decided he wanted to get back in bed and rest. They get them up at 7 or so for breakfast. He must have decided he could do it all by himself. He unbuckled his seat belt, probably leaned forward the way they do when they transfer him with 2 other people and then - - - - - he met the floor!!!! He is OK. Nothing is broken or even bruised as far as we can tell. An aide must have seen it happen because they yelled for the head nurse and said Jeremy catapulted out of his chair. Jeremy was laying on the floor laughing! He always amazes me at how good natured he is (most of the time). Believe it or not we are encouraged my this effort this morning.

Hope you enjoy the new pictures. Some of his friends posted some good ones on 'Facebook' also. Stephen will is trying to get the videos posted soon.

Thank you for your prayers. We are very glad that God is watching over him!!!!

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