Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29

We have been given the green light to transfer Jeremy to the Elks Rehabilitation Center. He will be transferred sometime next week Monday or Tuesday or the latest on Wednesday. We are very excited about this although we will miss the people who have helped Jeremy so much where he is at.

We talked to the speech therapist today. She said that Jeremy seems to be showing more emotions lately. If he doesn't want to do something he will tell you, if he is unhappy about something he will tell you. At times he tells the therapist NO he doesn't want to do something. On the surface it's not necessarily a pleasant thing - but it is a normal part of the process. For the most part he is still our happy Jeremy working through it all. We can put up with a little bit of grumpy from time to time.

Things seem to be moving along as far as the changes to our house are concerned also. I know God has a plan and I think HE has it under control. Thank you for your prayers!

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