Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31

Tonight after dinner I asked Jeremy if he wanted to go down to Physical therapy and work his legs or his arms on his favorite machine. He said yes but when we got there he told me NO. I gave him the "mom talk" about how he was going to have to work to get better and that this attitude wasn't going to work over at the Elks. So he says OK lets work my legs. He ended up staying on it for 48 minutes and he went 6.0 Km. I don't know how far that is but its farther than I have ever seen him go. Last time I saw him on it he went 2.7 or 2.8 Km in 15 or 20 min. Jeremy was in a really good mood tonight, he kept saying that he was having fun and he was glad that I was there. Such a nice kid!!!!!

Papa and Grammy decided to go over to the Elks today and check it out. They had never been there before. They were given the grand tour including - Jeremy's room. They were told that they were expecting Jeremy tomorrow. They said that the first few days they would be doing assessments on him to determine the course of treatment. I plan to call first thing in the morning to get the details. I talked to the head nurse today and he didn't know anything for certain yet either. I will say it again - We are very excited about this move.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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  1. I'm thinking and praying about/for you guys! I'm excited about the move to Elks


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