Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 10

When the doctor came in to visit Jeremy this evening Jeremy seemed happy to see him. The doctor noticed his happy demeanor and commented on how much happier he was than when he saw him before at Al's. He told Jeremy how grumpy he was then. He teased him and said it was OK - He could run faster than Jeremy at this point. Jeremy laughed. I think this is the first time he has seen Jeremy this "bright". He seemed impressed. I like that.
The doctor looked at Jeremy's right hand again tonight. He is concerned about and the tendons on the inside of his hand, they are shrinking. He said he was going to call in a hand specialist to see what he thinks.
We evidently missed the appointment to get Jeremy's baclofen pump refilled. It was yesterday. oops:)

They have a binder on the bed stand, "Jeremy's binder". In it, it has Jeremy schedule for each day, notes, calendars, etc. In the back of the binder the speech therapist has some of the stuff she is going over with him. It is interesting that at each place Jeremy goes, they start over. I remember this same stuff from St. Al's rehab and Boise Health and Rehab. Hopefully they will move on quickly. They don't know Jeremy so they have to start somewhere.

Jeremy was reading me some of the questions tonight. Some of the answers he gives are so funny. Question: Round thing on a car. I thought tire, wheel or steering wheel. Jeremy said "Gas cap" and laughs. Lets not go with the obvious.

Thank you for your prayers and support!!

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