Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11

Jeremy is back to complaining about his "butt" hurts. The doctor said months ago that it is improper positioning in the wheelchair. He ordered different chair but the skilled nursing home didn't have that chair so nothing happened. We are back there again. Every time he get up in his chair, after about 1/2 hour he wants to lay down again because... I talked to the nurse tonight and she said she would pass it along to physical therapy. They are the one's in charge of that. I told her that Jeremy was use to being up in his chair for hours at a time and now he is not!!! We are going backwards. He is working hard in therapy but the rest of the time he is in bed. We need to fix that right away. We have Monday off, We will see who we can talk to.

Thank you all for your loving support and prayers. We read the comments you make and we are very touched. Jeremy is so loved! God is so good.

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