Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13

I am finding that moving from one facility to another, even when it is a good one, has it's frustrations. Jeremy is having problems adjusting to a new wheelchair. They start over on some things that I know Jeremy has done for weeks, etc. The bottom line is that Jeremy is still making slow steady progress. He is adjusting to new therapists and their way of doing thing. And he is still doing it in his pleasant smiling Jeremy way! - 95% of the time. Today he was Ouch, Ouch, Ouching about something and he looked over and caught sight of himself in a mirror and then just smiled.

Two of the nurses walked out of the room today saying to each other how well they though he was doing, how much improved he was in the last week. It is always good to hear. I hear improvement in his speech. It isn't all the time yet but it is improving slowly or should I say part of the time. Speaking louder. He is trying.

It will be nice to have Monday off so I can talk to the people who take care of him during the day when we are at work. Find out what the plan is and get a better understanding of how they are approaching that plan.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support!

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