Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17

Our family meeting went well today. Only a few surprises. They have a discharge date for Jeremy already. April 1!! They asked if we were ready for him to come home. We had to tell them that in Jeremy's present condition we are not really able to take care of Jeremy. Which they knew. We just had to back up, breath deep and remind ourselves to take it one day at a time. It's just a date, it will probably change and God is really in control. Jeremy still requires full assistance in his mobility. It's a little - OK a lot - overwhelming.

The rest of the meeting was very interesting. We are still learning so much about what it takes to make a person with a brain injury tick. Jeremy is no exception. We are always amazed at what he has to relearn and balance is a key one right now. Balance in sitting and standing. Tightness in his ankles is making balance in standing difficult.

They say he is doing well with the electric wheelchair and that is one step toward independence. The main concern there is his attention span (which is very short) and his short term memory problems. We have asked if they think he will need the wheelchair long term and most people say probably not. But he needs it now to move forward.

I cant thank you enough for your words of encouragement, your prayers and support. This is a long road we are all on. It is not a road we would have chosen to go down but as long as God is in the drivers seat we will all be fine.

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  1. Dear family and Jeremy,
    I remember my dad telling me something. Despite being handicapped now and all the troubles (at the time) I put my family through as a result of my accident, if he had the option of that or losing me permanently at the scene of my crash on the day of my crash, he would've taken the broken and bruised, handicapped me any day. Even if it meant I wouldn't be able to do the same things I was used to doing. I'm more then sure it's the same with your situation from the few times I've stopped in to see you all. Where Jeremy is might BE kind of overwhelming as you look to the future but you've got two huge things that really count: love for each other and God. I'm the first to admit it being a tough road. It still is for me. Jeremy has a wonderfully amazing family and the will to change though. You all are doing the right thing already. Keep your faith and keep pressing forward. I'm still reminding myself to do that. It makes me happy to hear of Jeremy's fight to get back to life.


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