Friday, February 19, 2010

February 19

We read Nathans comment from yesterday's blog. He is absolutely correct in the fact that we know it could be worse. We are grateful for everyday. We may feel overwhelmed at times but then we are reminded that God is in control - we don't have to worry about tomorrow - He has it all taken care of. Jeremy is on the road to recovery, even if it is a long road. We are truly blessed!

Today the people that made Jeremy's hand brace (that hurts too much for him to keep it on) and his leg braces came by to make some adjustments to both braces. They leg braces - his heal pops out, so we're not sure that they are very effective. They made some modifications and we will see if they work better. They should be working to keep his feet from getting foot drop. If the heal comes out of the shoe it doesn't work very well. He will need them until he is up on his feet more. They had to take them back to the shop but brought them back after a couple of hours. The hand brace will take a little longer to modify. They will bring it back on Monday. Hopefully we can get him to leave it on. We could get him to put it on but 10 minutes later he has forgotten the reason he has it on and all he can think about is that it really hurts. If someone isn't around to reason with him or distract him, he takes it off. Again, short term memory loss can be good in some cases and bad in other cases.

Thank you again for your support and prayers.

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