Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23

Aunt Linda (me).... is back. I am so happy to see Jeremy again. He has changed soooooooo much. He is so alert, full of conversation, able to move so much more than the last time I was here (Aug 09). He has a fabulous sense of humor! We attempted a trip around the floor of the facility halls on the motorized chair. What a kick!!! Debi created an obstacle course to test his maneuvering skills. He did fantastic until we came to the vacuum cleaner which I named Aunt Julie. He laughed so hard and promptly ran into it. It is so great to see him progressing leaps and bounds.

The Dr. came in this evening. He made comments on how well Jeremy is progressing. It was good to hear, as we, the family always like to think the best. Dr. Kadyan mentioned he had spoken to the surgeon regarding the tightness in Jeremy's ankles. He wants treatment not to interrupt Jeremy's rehab. The surgeon feels that that can be done.

Thank you for your prayers and your positive thoughts.

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