Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10

I was able to observe Jeremy's physical therapy today for the first time in a while. His regular physical therapist has been sick so Jeremy has had someone new working with him. They started with sitting Jeremy on the edge of the mat. We are still talking about baby steps but Jeremy is getting a little better all the time at sitting by himself. His brain still wants to push him backwards at times but it is finding those pathways to keep him more upright - he is able to right himself a little better. They tell him to lean to the right and go back up or lean to the left and go back up. It is a long slow process. They are also still working with him on rolling. Tucking his head in toward his chest and pulling with those muscles while laying on his side, then they move to standing again. It seems to me that his knees want to bend more now that he has those casts on and his ankles are in a different position.

One of his therapists took him to the activity room today and they played with the Wii - golf. He needs more practice but this is another thing we can do with Jeremy at home. This is the type of therapy we can get into! They also told us about some game sites on the computer. All good tools for brain exercises. They say even solitaire is good for that.

We have a "family meeting" with the doctor and the therapists on Friday morning at 8 am. Please remember us in your prayers. God's plan and timing!

Thank you for your prayers and support!!!!!

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