Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8

There was a lot of activity around the Doherty home yesterday. It reminded me of an old fashion barn raising. Only it isn't a barn it is Jeremy's new space. Old friends and new (about 25 in all) came over to help put up the walls. They took out the existing closet (had to be moved) and tore up the carpet. Next is the roof. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining. Today - Rain!! Thank you God!

Today was Jeremy's first day of physical therapy since his little surgery. We talked to his therapist this evening to ask how it went. Jeremy didn't have his best day. He complained about his back hurting, then his elbow hurt, then his knees hurt. We hope that he has a better day tomorrow.

They have set up the family meeting for Friday. We will meet with the doctor and the therapist to discuss Jeremy's progress. The doctor talked them into giving him a chance after the surgery. We will talk on Friday and their plan at this point is to discharge him on Wednesday. We will be talking to them about the fact that we plan to bring him home and the room is not ready yet. It is NOT the best thing for Jeremy to be transferred to a skilled nursing home (or anywhere) and then couple of weeks later transfer him again - even if it is home. Our preference would be for them to keep him until he can come home. Which was the plan in the beginning. We are back to taking things one day at a time!

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