Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb. 28

Today was a day for celebration!! Jeremy is off isolation! No more yellow gowns. Freedom! Now he can go anywhere and everywhere. I guess it's protocol to move to a different room after a patient has been cleared, so Jeremy is now in room 217.

Linda got quite a bit of video (some on her phone) on Jeremy during speech, occupational and physical therapy. Even video with Jeremy in his electric wheelchair and playing games. They were toooo large to post so Stephen is working on them so you can see bits and pieces of them. It is so fun to see him improve.

He continues working on speaking more clearly. When he speaks with people on the phone, he can be understood better. Jeremy needs more practice in his motorized chair, so now that he has "freedom", and with the Dr's permission, he can get out and about to explore.

Thank you for you support and prayers.

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