Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1

We are reminded day after day that God is truly the only one in control of Jeremy's care. We may not understand why things are happening but they are happening for a reason.

Today, we were told by the social worker at the facility that Jeremy will be have to be released from the facility soon. We aren't sure when yet, but we are very disappointed. They have said that he is not making enough progress. From what we can piece together there is a "secret formula" they use to calculate Jeremy's progress. We had very high hopes that The Elks would be the best thing for Jeremy but we are frustrated that they aren't giving him more of a chance.

Please keep Jeremy's care in your thoughts and prayers.



  1. Very sorry to hear. God has a plan however, & He hasn't failed us yet. Hang in, hold on, keep lookin up.

    Prayers & blessings,

    Pastor Mike

  2. I'm so disappointed to hear this! Those pesky "formulas" probably exist in order to keep some budget in check somewhere, but it's still hurtful to think that someone somewhere is putting dollar signs above people. I'm sorry. I'll pray God will keep guiding you through this and never stop.


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