Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3

Jeremy had a doctor apt today with the surgeon that put in the baclofin pump. He will be doing a small surgical procedure to release (allow them to stretch more easily) the muscles or tendons in Jeremy's ankles. He said they are still about 30 degrees off. He said you might be able to self adjust for 5 or 10 percent of but not 30. Try standing with your heals about a inch off the ground. Then keeping your ankles locked in that position put your heals on the floor. It throws you backwards. They have set the surgery time for 10 am on Thursday. The doctor suggested that we also work on the groin muscle. He noticed that his right leg is aimed inward and he felt it could be because the groin muscle is pulling it in. When we got back to the Elks I left a message for his rehab doctor. That should be a decision the surgeon and the rehab doctor make. Dr Kadyan was adamant that this not slow down his rehabilitation.

We have to set up a "family meeting" today to discuss Jeremy's discharge plan from the Elks. They feel he needs to go back to Boise Health and Rehab (skilled nursing home). Juggling Jeremy's surgery, the changes to the house (thankfully others have taken the lead on this one) and Jeremy's discharge all at the same time has it's challenges. All at the same time trying to keep Jeremy on track with rehab!

I was reminded yesterday that it could be worse. We are blessed! And the battle is not ours but Gods!

Thank you for your support and prayers.

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