Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18

Friday the physical therapists from Boise Health and Rehab came to our home to look at what they had to work with as far. They measured Jeremy's room, the bathroom and entryway. We spent a lot of time talking about options as far as, how to get Jeremy out of bed (if only one person is around). We will have help during the day while Greg and I are at work (at this point we don't know how much). We discussed other pieces of equipment that Jeremy may need as far as help in showering, toileting, what size and type of bed Jeremy will need, equipment to get to and from the wheelchair, and the wheelchair! They were very excited that we didn't put in a bathtub. They will go back, study all the options, submit a proposal to the insurance company and see what happens (I guess).

Saturday -
When I arrived this morning I found Jeremy's room empty. I went to the gym and found him. He was set up in front of the Wii playing ping pong, surrounded by dogs. Lisa had brought her dogs to share with the residents there. Jeremy was having a good time. The first thing Jeremy asked when I got there was to go outside. It was a beautiful day in Boise so we went for a long walk. OK, Greg and I walked, Jeremy had a nice ride.

Thank you for your prayers.

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