Friday, April 16, 2010

April 15

One of the therapists talked to Grammy and Papa yesterday. They had asked how Jeremy was doing. The therapist said in silent frustration - "We are having to start all over"! We hear that and have to try not to get discouraged.
On Wednesday when I was there they were working with him on "side board transfers". They put a smooth board between Jeremy and the worktable. They demonstrate, in detail, the movements they want from Jeremy. Analyze every movement you go through to stand up. Lean forward - push your feet into the ground - push up with legs - just enough to get your seat off the chair. All they want at this point from Jeremy is the up and down movement, they will work on the side movement later. They helped him with that now. He did pretty good (I think). One therapist asked the other how much she was helping. She said "Not much." That's good!
Then they worked with him on the standing frame. He stands and they put him in front of the Wii - We tried bowling - not really easy while leaning on a standing frame that has a table in front of him. So we tried pool and then ping pong. He kept complaining that his knees and feet hurt. We kept telling him we knew they hurt, but he had to work through the pain if he wanted to walk again. He doesn't use his knees and ankles that much.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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