Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 13

I talked to Greg and he said that Jeremy's doctor's appointment went really good. Dr. Kadian was very impressed with Jeremy's range of motion and the results of the surgery on his ankles. Jer is moving his feet back and forth, which he couldn't do before. Sounds like they'll be scheduling a similar procedure for his right hand to see if we can help him get his hand open, it's getting better, but they'd like to help the process along. They also refilled Jeremy's baclofen pump.

Sounds like Jeremy is starting to "re-blossom" under the care of Boise Health and Rehab again. Which is a big relief to all of us that saw Jeremy regress at the Elk's facility. Stephen and I are looking forward to seeing Jeremy again in a few weeks. Can't go every weekend; wish we could.

Thank you for keeping Jeremy and the rest of your family in your prayers!

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