Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 23

Jeremy and the therapists continue to work on the things it will take to get him home. Some of that for the therapists is miles of paperwork that they have to submit to get Jeremy the equipment he will need once he gets home. For us it is weeks of endless waiting for "the process".

The final things are being done in the house expansion process. The bathroom should be done by Monday. We are painting a little at a time in the evenings after work, Jeremy and farewells to good friends moving to Texas. Next weekend we will have a floor laying party. Eric, Stephen & Courtni will be here to do that and put some of the finishing touches to Jeremy's room. Then we wait for that "process" so Jeremy can have the proper bed etc. Jeremy wanted to know why he couldn't sleep at home last night. I asked him if he wanted to sleep on scaffolding. It's the only thing in the room at this time.

I asked today if the guy they had contacted about a wheelchair had called back. They have 2 places in Boise that they contact "Wheelchair clinics" that give their expert advice on wheelchairs. These wheelchairs run around $15 thousand. (more than my car cost!!) You only get one shot at this so you have to do it right the first time! Because of Jeremy's very specific needs, height and size, this is really important. We have learned the hard way in the hospital loaners that Jeremy has been in, in some of the hospitals how REALLY IMPORTANT this is.

Thank you for your prayers!

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