Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to comment

I had someone tell me this weekend that they wanted to comment on the blog but couldn't figure out how to, so I thought that I'd repost the following instructions! :)

If you don't know how to post a comment here are some instructions:

1. If you're on the main blog page, you can click on the underlined link under the post that says "comments" or click on the title of the post.

2. Once you're on the next page, there should be a blank comment box under the post. Go ahead and type a comment to Jeremy. Don't forget to sign it! (Maybe include where Jeremy knows you from... Sometimes it takes him a bit to remember who people are and that seems to help jog his memory)

3. Down on the "Comment as..." dialogue box, if you don't have a Google account, you can either click on "Name/URL" or "Anonymous".
- If you pick "Name/URL" you can just put in your name and skip the URL box. If you pick Anonymous, it will post your comment as "Anonymous", which is fine as long as you remembered to sign your post.

4. Then you can click "Post Comment" to post your comment to Jeremy.

Hope that helps!


  1. OK I will follow the instructions... I have tried several times and it hasn't worked.
    Jeremy, my son Blake Torosian went to school with you at BVAS in 8th grade. You use to go skiing with him and spend the night at our house. We pray for you a lot and I read the blog every day and rejoice and thank God for each and every step you make. Keep it up!!! You are an inspiration to us all.
    Tami Sandmeyer

  2. Yeah it worked!!!
    Tami Sandmeyer


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