Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16

Jeremy had a pretty good weekend. We took him home for the day on both Saturday and Sunday. Before we left, we went into the gym and did a little exercise. He stood on the standing frame for 30 minutes and talked to Dad and Mom and looked out the window at the beautiful flowering trees. He also go on his favorite machine (the arm and leg bike) and did 25 minutes with his legs and 15 minutes with his arms. That included 7 minutes with BOTH is arms. I don't think he has ever gone that long with his right hand.

When he got home he had an two enjoyable relaxing days. At one point Eric was transferring him from the sofa to the chair. He asked Jeremy to give it all he had and stand. Eric was so surprised at how well he did that he held him at an arm's distance. And Jeremy was still standing. Then he sat him down. Jeremy was definitely doing more than 25% of the transfer that time. WOW!

We are currently looking for some sort of used standing frame so we will be able to continue working (safely) at home with Jeremy. If you know of a hospital or rehab place that has gone out of business or got new equipment (and wants to get rid of or sell the old stuff) in your area, PLEASE let us know! Someone told us that sometimes they just have old stuff sitting in the back room collecting dust. We just have to find it! I asked how much Jeremy's favorite machine (the Omnicycle) cost - they said "Oh, you don't want to know." Please Pray!

Thank you so much for your help, support, and most of all your prayers!

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