Monday, May 31, 2010

May 30

Today was a day full of firsts!

First, Jeremy got a visit from his new speech pathologist, who did a bit of an assessment on him, trying to figure out what they need to work on starting later this week. She'll be working with Jeremy for the coming months on loudness, articulation and writing and then go from there.

Jeremy got to go out to breakfast this morning! His first restaurant since the accident one year ago this weekend. He did great and really enjoyed his omelette at iHop! :)

Then, after getting home and taking a bit of a nap (the field trip to the restaurant really tired him out). Eric, Stephen and I wanted to go to a store to check out the weekend's deals, and Jeremy asked to go with us. So, we loaded him in our car and off we went! We're still looking for a wheelchair accessible van so that that process can be a little simpler, but we got it done!

What a fun day!
Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

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  1. Welcome home Jer!

    You remain in our thoughts & prayers for even greater joy, strength, & mobility!

    Love ya,

    Mike & Marilyn


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