Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 1

Happy Birthday to Greg! :) A much better birthday present this year than last year. Jeremy home! It's been a long, hard year and we know that we still have quite a few long hard years to come, but we remembered once again this weekend how lucky that we are to still have Jeremy.

Stephen, Eric, Kristen and I spent the day with Jeremy today while Greg and Debi both went to work. The Sit and Stand still hasn't arrived and Debi can't transfer Jeremy without it without hurting herself. It's frustrating keeping all of the care covered for Jeremy and still work full time while we wait for all of his caregiver paperwork and red tape to go through.

It's still pretty difficult, since Jeremy's still 100% assist, to get him up and keep him entertained all day, but between the four of us we got it done. We met with the occupational therapist for her assessment of Jeremy today. Sounds like she'll do a great job. She's really wanting to push Jeremy into more independence even as much as to get his own glass of water or cut his own food.

I spent a lot of time with Jeremy today, I was trying to keep him occupied without letting him sit in front of his computer (it has a tendency to make him a little extra grumpy). So we made a marinade for the tofu I was making for lunch and Jeremy dumped in the spices and other ingredients. Then we made chocolate pudding and Jeremy did the mixing with the mixer. Then we made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and we used the break apart ones. Jeremy put all of the cookies on the sheet. Last, we started making regular chocolate chip cookies and Jeremy softened the butter and helped with the stirring. Then Jeremy talked to me and hung out while I cut vegetables for lunch.

It was a busy busy day! The rest of the crew did some more housework, cleaning and finishing wiring in the living room, moving furniture, etc. Jeremy helped unravel the spool of speaker wire. Good practice and a great job for his hands to do. Then, as soon as Greg got home from work, we all headed out of town back home!

Thank you for your continued prayers! Pray that the caregiver's hours get assigned quickly!

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