Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3

This has been a week building part of the new "normal". We are still waiting for the equipment but we have met all his new therapists now and a schedule is beginning to form. Jeremy has another wonderful new speech therapist. She will meet with him twice a week. What a blessing, his occupational therapist is a hand specialist. He will meet with her twice a week also. The physical therapist will be meeting with him 2 or 3 times a week. These ladies come to our house for his therapies. These are the "skilled" people that have been assigned to Jeremy. From what I understand, this is re-evaluated every 2 months.

This week we have all taken turns taking time off to hang out with Jeremy. Eric, Stephen & Courtni, Kristen, Greg and I have all taken a day. We are prayerful that our meeting tomorrow will settle our schedule a little.

Tomorrow the nurse reviewer for our area will be coming at 11:30 to evaluate how many hours of ""unskilled" help Jeremy will receive. Jeremy does not require a nurse to care for him during the day. We have asked for a male person, so Jeremy can have a friend to hang out with during the day. between therapies. We are praying that it will be enough to cover Greg and I so we can continue to work.

Thank you for your prayers!!!!!

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