Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 6

The nurse reviewer came on Friday to "review" Jeremy's case. We (Jeremy included) had a very nice visit with her and before she left I asked her if she had any idea how many hours of help Jeremy would receive. I felt pretty good about her visit and feel like God was watching over us again. She said she would like to see us get enough hours to work and maybe get some free time for stopping by the store on the way home, etc. I hope that we get the final word on Monday or Tuesday. She also told us that if we every needed a weekend off we could take Jeremy to someplace, like Boise Health and Rehab, and it would be covered.

We also called about Jeremy's wheelchair and the "sit and stand" and found it is being held up by the insurance company. I don't know why they didn't tell me that a week ago when I asked if they needed anything else to get it ordered ASAP. They said they were good to go and we should have it by Friday - that would have been LAST Friday!!! We will be calling the insurance company about that on Monday!! I think we will try the squeaky wheel thing.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers!!! God is good!

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