Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We need help!

Greg asked me to post a message to all of Jeremy's supporters tonight. We're still looking for a wheelchair accessible van at a reasonable price. We've been looking for a while now and we're not having much luck. So we thought that maybe it's time to ask for help. If you find any good deals or know someone that's trying to sell a wheelchair accessible vans in good condition, please let us know! We'd even be willing to travel to get it if it was a good enough deal. It would make taking Jeremy to doctors' appointments and just out to have fun much much easier.

Please comment on this post or any other if you have found something we should check into.



  1. Check out these, they were on the Boise craigslist:





    -Brooke W.

  2. Just happened to finally get around to catching up on Jeremy's progress and found your post. So,
    I sent a message out to our office asking if anyone had any leads. Came up with the following suggestions that may help:

    Distributors are in most every state. Search on Google for "Handicapped Van ID" or "Accessible Van ID". Once you find a near by dealer that specializes in these vans, go to their web site and browse their current inventory. Also there are good deals on craigslist, however you have to search periodically to find them. On CraigsList.org you can click on cars/trucks and then search for the word "handicapped" or "accessible". Try to go for a used van with under 40,000 miles on it to save $$.

    Here are a few sites to try...


    Also, a Company called "LINC" for "Living Independence Network Corporation" might be able to help.

    Love and Best Wishes to all of you! ~Cindy S.

  3. Still receiving more leads for you..
    A handicapped friend had the following information:
    The local dealership I would check with is:
    Access Vans
    385-7647 (let it ring)
    6893 Supply Way (off Gowen Rd)
    Owner: Chris Thomas

    This guy is in a wheelchair himself. He is good to deal with. He takes trade-ins so has used vehicles and reconditions them. He has a good mechanic.

    There are tons of used vans listed nationwide at:

    Another person added this:
    The best place to start is to call the Idaho Assistive Technology Project at the U of I 1 800 432-8324 as they have a used equipment exchange that often lists lift equipped vans. Also search their website www.idaho.at4all.com for listing of vehicles and other types of equipment.

    I would also suggest getting in touch with Chris Thomas at Access Vans in Boise – 385-7647. Chris sells and rents out lift equipped vehicles and is very knowledgeable, as he is a quadriplegic from a spinal cord injury. A lot of people try to sell vehicles through him.
    Praying that Jeremy's surgery went well..
    Cindy S.

  4. I know that this is coming way later, so I don't know if you still need to know about where to get wheelchair vans... I recently heard about this place, though, which seems like it has a good variety: http://www.lonestarhandicapvans.com . I'm not sure what vans you ended up getting, but it could be a good place to upgrade or something.


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