Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11

Sorry for the delay in updates. Trying to get a routine down with Jeremy and us and the new caregiver. Everything is going really well - Jeremy's progress is sometimes slower then we'd like, but all in time. Lots of things to deal with, where to start. Equipment appeals to work on, wheelchair van to find, new therapists to get used too, new caregiver, Jeremy's upcoming surgery,.........etc. Just a few things to work on - oh yeah and sleep. Weekend coming maybe able to sleep in a few extra minutes before Jeremy rings his bell. Yeah he has a bell - and knows how to use it..... ha ha. Still working with him on bathroom control (best way to put it) He's getting better - that will be a big piece once we get to that point. May make sleepping at night a little easier. Living for the weekends takes on new meaning!! God continues to bless - everyday!! We never lose site of that fact. Jeremy is a joy to have home!!!

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers,

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