Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17

Jeremy is being moved to the rehab unit, room 3451 at St. Al's. His doctor said that the medications are causing him to be too impaired to go home. Hopefully the pain will subside so that they can reduce his meds and he can head back home. Debi said that when the representative from the rehab unit came up for her signature on some paperwork, she mentioned that all of the nurses were excited to have Jeremy back. Sounds like he has established quite the fan club! :) We know how wonderful Jeremy is but it's definitely nice to see how much other people love him too!

I was just thinking... I don't know how much longer Jer will be at St. Al's but it'd be fun to send him cheer cards again like we did those many months ago! Here's the link! (Remember, he's in room 3451)

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