Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 20

Jeremy spent another weekend in the hospital. We have no idea at this point when he will get to come. The therapists are slowly coming around to check in with Jeremy. (Weekends are slow). Most of them are the same ones he had when he was at St Al's before. They remember Jeremy and love working with him. There were several days after the surgery when he didn't get the therapy on his arm that he needed so he has lost a little ground there. (The order from the doctor didn't get in the chart I guess). We are all having to work a little harder to get that arm stretched out again. We are a little frustrated by that but all we can do now is work harder. It is pretty painful for Jeremy and we have to remind him constantly that it will be better and of the goal he had to move that arm and hand. The nurse brought him a ice bag last night and he threw it across the room. I guess that means he doesn't want it. He is tired and not sleeping well at night. He's a little grumpy at times:)

He isn't eating very much right now. Not really hungry I guess!

It is weird being in a hospital setting again. When Jeremy was at the skilled nursing home we could take him home for the day. In hospitals you can't do that. Jeremy is anxious to be back home and we hope that will motivate him to work through the pain. His poor hand is so swollen, it looks like the Pillsbury dough boy, only black and blue.

We were talking to the speech therapist yesterday about different ways to get Jeremy to speak more clearly. She was thinking out loud about phone apps or computer programs that would give Jeremy feedback on his own speech. If anyone is aware of anything like that please let us know.

Please continue to pray for Jeremy. He is having a rough week! Pray for all of us too! Jeremy is a little grumpy! Oh I guess I already said that!

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