Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2

Stephen, Kristen and I went to visit Jeremy last weekend for my birthday. Jeremy had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I asked him to stand for me for five minutes. Debi and Stephen stood Jer up next to the counter in the kitchen and Jeremy leaned on it. Stephen steadied Jer from side to side, and it was so great to see him working hard and doing so well. You could tell he was starting to hurt by about 4 minutes, but he muscled through and did it.

We also went out to dinner and breakfast. I think that taking Jeremy out to breakfast is a little easier than dinner. By dinnertime, he was getting pretty tired.

It was so great to see Jeremy. He's off all of his medications now and seems to be doing great with his daytime caregivers. He still needs some extra work on the speech therapy; he was very hard to understand this trip. He will be starting some new therapies in the next couple weeks, water therapy and LiteGait therapy. Super cool programs and we're hoping that it will give him a little more strength and flexibility without as much pain.

Kristen is staying the week in Boise to spend some time working with Jeremy. She took Jeremy to the zoo yesterday and it sounds like it was pretty fun! It is so good for Jeremy to get out of the house and do something new as often as possible. Every new experience gives him something different to challenge and teach him.

Thank you to those of you that are still checking this blog. Sorry it's been so long. We'll try to continue to keep everyone posted on Jeremy's progress as we go.

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