Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 4

Jeremy was pretty grumpy today, maybe just tired or let down from Stephen, Courtni & Eric leaving. He didn't eat all his lunch, got upset at small things several times, just plain grumpy! I guess everyone is entitled to a bad day!!!!! One therapist said it was a good thing for Jeremy to show more emotion, and I guess I agree.

The bleeding ear turned out to be a scratch inside his ear. He must have scratched his ear and made it bleed. Since he is still on a blood thinner (to prevent blood clots) it didn't stop bleeding enough for us to see where it was coming from. It looked like it was coming from the ear drum, but he is fine.

Please continue to pray about Jeremy going to Elk's or Al's for more intense rehab. God's timing. We will be going to see the doctor on Wednesday to discuss it. Also we will be talking about taking out the feeding tube and review the remaining medications Jeremy is on. He is on very few at this point. The main one is one for blood pressure and the blood thinner to prevent clots, the others are more like vitamins etc.

Thank you for your prayers!

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