Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5

Every day the rehab facility puts out a word search. A few days ago Debi picked one up for Papa to try while he was hanging out with Jeremy. Today he started on it and Jeremy asked him what he was doing. Papa told him that he should try to find one of the words and he did! In just a couple seconds. The second word he found was crocodile... He worked on it by himself after dinner! He pointed out the words for someone to circle them. Finished it in no time.

Debi and Jeremy got a visit from a friend today. Debi wanted me to tell you the story about their discussion. This friend has had a hard time in her life the last few months, she has had a lot of family get sick with chronic illnesses, like cancer. Debi and this woman were talking over Jeremy while he sat doing his "word search" and the lady asked, "Do you think that as you get older, the more people seem to be suffering, or the more things seem to happen? Do you think that's because we're older and just see it more or because Jesus is coming soon?" Jeremy said something that they both couldn't understand so they asked him to say it again, "I hope Jesus is coming soon."

Us too.

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